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Indian Cuisine – A Delicious Delight in Every Bite

Indian cuisine is vastly diverse as well as utterly delicious with a variety of spices & flavours. But that’s not the only reason you should go for Indian Food at some good vegetarian restaurant near South coast. Here are a few more reasons for you to visit an authentic Indian Restaurant near Wollongong. It’s Healthy!!  Original Indian dishes are prepared with organic ingredients that are proven to be healthy. There are a variety of spices used in Indian dishes, for example Turmeric is helpful with any kind of infection in your body & improves your heart health. A wide variety of nuts, seeds & pulses that release healthy oils will offer a myriad of health benefits and you will be enjoying a delicious detox retreat at our green kitchen which is believed to be the best vegetarian restaurant near Sydney serving Indian food. It’s Rich in Variety!!  The very famous saying “Variety is the spice of life” must have come from the Indian cuisine playbook. Starting from the variety in flavours to variety in smell & variety in look, Indian food is so colorful and delightful that you will always look forward to trying something new in every meal. Even [...]
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Why We Are the Best Restaurant near Kiama Sydney for a business meeting?

You might feel it a bit strange but, choosing a restaurant or a cafe to host your business/corporate meetings explains a lot about you. Because if your business associate experiences any delay in service or sloppy service at your recommended place, they will obviously believe that you are such a person who approves such poorly managed services. And no one would like to make a business deal with such questionable standards. You will have a whole list of the best vegan restaurants near Kiama Sydney to choose from because there are so many good vegan restaurants near Kiama-Sydney-Wollongong. We have a word of advice to offer you regarding choosing a restaurant for your business meeting to “kick off your business” or “get your deal done” !! First of all you will be discussing business, so the ambiance should not be noisy or rattling with the pop music sounds. It should be a quiet place to give you the positive & good vibes to discuss your prospective with your client.   The diner should have a sizable table to accommodate your guests. And most importantly, the staff should be ready to go out of their way to offer some extra zing [...]
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Get Indulged Into Unlimited 3 Course Themed Lunch On Every Saturday

Ananda Green Kitchen is coming up with an exciting themed lunch every saturday. We will be serving delicious vegetarian 3 course unlimited meals along with a free yoga session just for you only at 40 AUD per person!! Every saturday we will be having something to perk up your weekend. Enjoy a relaxing yoga session for cleansing your aura and removal of all your weekdays stress and achieving peace of mind in the morning, followed by celebrating the festival of flavours in our Green Kitchen. Every saturday there will be a different cuisine with a fixed 3 course menu  for you to experience the deliciousness on your plate by Ananda Green Kitchen. South Indian Unlimited Lunch The delightful South Indian cuisine is very light for your digestion yet so much flavourful. Our expert chefs are quite familiar with all the Indian spices and know very well how to play with them to prepare an authentic South Indian meal for you!! Starter: Masala Idli Main Course: Uttapam & Dosa Dessert: Gulab Jamun (Only 1 pc) One Glass Of House Drink. Italian Unlimited Meals Who doesn’t like pizzas & pasta? There is literally no one in this world who doesn’t like it. [...]
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